Breaking Business Barriers: Guide to the Best Language Translation Software

With digital world expanding every day, the upsurge need for language translation software by start-ups or the front runners needs no introduction. The best multilingual translation software opens new avenues for businesses to place their domain on international map by simplifying the mammoth task of translating the local web content into the desired language of the targeted zone.

Why does any business require a 360-degree language translation solution provider?

Be it a start-up e-business up for domestic market penetration or a segment specific website looking out for relevant and correct language output, a comprehensive language translation solution provider is the key to back upon. A smart language unified website or mobile app helps in:

  • Bridging the gap between business and consumers by reaching out in the native language
  • Increases user engagement for longer period
  • Pushing business towards consumer delight by personalizing the language interface
  • Converting footfalls into serious business thus increasing conversion rate
  • Placing the business on global map giving competitive advantage


Now that the emphasis for hassle free language translation software has been dealt with, let’s underline the key factors to look for while finalizing a translation software product that’s best suited for diverse business needs.

Must-haves in the best Language Translation Software:


  1. Power packed optimum features

Key criteria for any perfect language translation software is an assortment of desired features packed into one single unit as prompt and automated language recognition, ability to manage huge volumes of data, unified grammar, punctuation and spell check and multi lingual support platform.


This is where steps in as the best language translation software solutions provider for websites, mobile apps as well as mobile devices with clientele ranging across banking & finance industry to travel & hospitality also encompassing music, media & entertainment sector.

Hindi Typing Language Translation software
Hindi Typing Language Translation Software


  1. Non-invasive backend support

While most of the businesses thrive on the native language preference by its locals, establishing a website or a mobile app on a multilingual platform without invading its back-end source code or database is a big challenge. Mox Gateway is revolutionary language localization software that is independent of the platform and offers content in the desired language without penetrating the website or the mobile application.

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  1. Wide Language Base

With India being the only democratic country in the world with the maximum spoken languages, there is a pressing need for the best language translation software to have the widest language base in both domestic and international languages. Accurate and customised language translation not only engages the target audience but also increases traffic thus multiplying conversion rates. offers language translation software for websites, mobile apps and devices across a variety of platforms and languages that empowers businesses to break the language shield and reaching out to the then-unreachable. With diverse products in their kitty as Mox Wave, Mox Gateway, Mox Keypad, Mox Fonts and Mox for mobile devices; their innovative and path breaking language translation and localization solutions are based on scalable technologies while being user-friendly, cost effective and quality assured.

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