Follow the Step By Step Guide for the ios Localization


Today, most of the people use different types of smartphone based on the budget. iPhone is the widely used one among the users in these days. They need to take the perfect guide for the app localization purpose. It is helpful for the users to use the apps in multiple languages. The people can earn the smart money with the ios localization. If you want to increase the sale of the business, it is best for you.  It is a vital one for the smartphone users and uses the app in many forms. There are lots of advantages associated with the app localization.

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You can do the localization process easier on the ios devices. It is a pretty simple process for the users. The user can follow the step by step guide for the app localization. In order to get the best user experience, this is best for you and makes the app in different languages. The ios user can use the Xcode to do the localization process quickly without any hassle. It is considered as an inbuilt support in your device. It involves image, sound, graphics, and others. The users can manage the different format of numeric’s, data and time as well.

Overview of the localization:

It is a crucial step for every user. It is the process of creating the simple app with the multiple language support. The Apple smartphone uses the multilingual keyboard that beneficial for the users. This is best for the user to switch over another language.  You can first select the language type in your device setting. The people in other country use the app in different language version in a simple manner. The auto-correct language is helping you to make the app localization simpler. You can need to localize the app by the country and region. So, you cannot worry about the localizing the app in a different language. The user can get the best content with the proper language. Xcode greatly works on the device. Before doing the ios localization process, you can get the perfect guide. This is useful for you to make this type of process easier.

Steps for the app localization:

You can access the basic step for the ios localization in your device. First, you have to do the proper check on your smartphone.

  • Internationalization

This is best for adapting the app to several language, region, and culture. You can enable the user-interface option. The Xcode is present default on your device. You can locate the setting option and see project information under the project editor.

  • Upgrade the string in user-interface:

You can open the utility board and track the object library and see in the view controller. You can modify the text and center it. You can view the label through the auto layout option.

  • Internationalize the code:

It is important for the app localization and you can use the separate code for the localization method.

It is a tough job for the user to localize all the apps. You can localize the specific app for the specific language for your needs. You can translate the app into the simple keyword search. You can also able to modify the text and image in the app name. You can translate the app into languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and lot more. It is a technical process for the localization project. Xcode is the best one for this project. You can first configure the language setting on your device and then do the app localization. It can make easier for the in-house translation work.



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